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Spring 1992 - First meeting to reorganize the CrimeWatch for Area 1199 (Claremont Neighborhood).

Spring 1994 - CrimeWatch Area 1199 kicks-off the Volunteers In Patrol (VIP) program. VIP is an effective crime prevention tool and is still part of our community’s CrimeWatch program.

August 1995 - CANA participates in its first National Night Out crime prevention event. This annual party is a fun time for neighbors to get to know each other and now occurs in October.

March 1996 - CANA receives Community Service Award from the East Dallas Chamber of Commerce, citing our work with Bayles Elementary School (Bayles).

Spring 1997 - CANA Beautification Committee begins a tree planting and maintenance program at Bayles. Yard of the Month program is initiated and continues today.

Spring 1998 - Claremont serves as the catalyst for creation of the Ferguson Road Initiative (FRI), a 501(c)3 nonprofit, dedicated to the complete restoration of far East Dallas.

Fall 1999-2006 - CANA partners with FRI and Bayles and holds Bayles Fest, a Fall Festival and Health, Safety, Housing, and Financial Wellness Fair.

September 2004 - Claremont is selected as one of four neighborhoods in the City of Dallas to participate in its Residential Recycling Pilot Program.

Fall 2005 - Ribbon cutting celebration to open the new $2 million dollar wing of Bayles, including a new library and playground. See BaylesFest photos.

Winter 2005 - $3.7 million dollar Highland Road improvement project is completed.

November 2006 - CANA works with WRH neighborhoods to win Bond Program to build a Recreation Center and Library.

August 2009 - Bayles is ranked Recognized by TAKS in school academic achievement.