DPD Physical Evidence Section

Did you know you can make a request to have the Physical Evidence Section of the Dallas Police Department come to your to site in the event of a crime?  Although, the officer on the scene may make the request at their discretion, you can ask the officer to make the request on your behalf.

So, if you think there is evidence on site that could help the police solve the crime or catch the criminal, make sure to request the Physical Evidence Section.  Be advised, that it may take some time for the PES to show up, and you will have to be present when they do show up.  But if the situation is serious enough, know that this is one more thing available to you.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please CANA CrimeWatch.  If you have incidents to report, call 911.   Make sure you contact the police.

Please tell your neighbors.  Stay safe and look out for each other.