Hello Claremont neighbors!

I hope you have seen the 2 new benches around the school. The design is fantastic. Thank you, Bayles, and especially Coy Frazier with DISD for facilitating this for CANA! Also, thanks to Joe for the install of the benches. We appreciate the great job he did working with the community and school on this installation.

Dog walkers can take a break, neighbors can come and sit for a while or you can just read a book. Probably, not until it is a little cooler than 100 degrees though. I myself sat for a minute with my new puppy “Hanna.” Rob Brown let his dog “Joey” take a little break while walking.

Thank you to all who support the Claremont Neighborhood Addition! If you are not a member, we encourage you to support the community you have invested in. Just go to our “JOIN” page. Have a great day!