The holidays are here! It’s time for us to light up our homes for this glorious season! Aside from just making our little neighborhood pretty, it’s important that we provide enough residential illumination to allow Santa to safely land his sled on Christmas Eve! We need to all do our part to help the big guy, right? His overworked reindeer will thank us too.

So, let’s make our neighborhood twinkle bright with lights! Several of our resident elves will be roaming our streets in the twilight hours in the next couple of weeks snapping photos of homes with festive lights and decorations. We’ll post these online with the name of the street they’re on (no names or street numbers to protect privacy). That way you can take your own “Claremont Lights” tour by car, bike, foot, golf cart or horse-drawn sleigh and celebrate the season in our very own Claremont Christmas Village!

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