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We really are LUCKY to live in the Claremont Addition! It is one of the more desirable and affordable neighborhoods in Dallas. Our neighborhood association does not “just happen.” It takes volunteers and donations to keep the Claremont Addition a top-notch community where people want to live! With more than 600 homes, we can keep our Claremont Addition Neighborhood Association (CANA) annual dues low if everyone contributes. Preferably, dues should be paid beginning of every year, in January or February. If you pay your dues early in the year, you will help the CANA Board as they plan the upcoming year’s finances and budget. Of course, you can join anytime, and you will be a paid member for the next year, starting on the date you paid. For example, if you join CANA on July 4, 2022, your membership will not expire until July 4, 2023

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What is CANA?

CANA is a nonprofit organization as described in section 501 (c) (4) of the Internal Revenue Code. CANA’s members work to aid, sponsor, promote, advance, and assist in the improvement of our streets, school, parks/green spaces, and other public areas. We work with our City Council member and officials to ensure our views are represented at city hall, as well as closely monitor proposed zoning that may negatively impact our home values.

What has CANA done recently?

In 2020, with community support, we designed, purchased, and installed a new marker with shrubs and seasonal flowers at the gateway to CANA at Claremont Drive and Ferguson Road. The plants were generously donated by a philanthropic supporter and the plants were installed by and continue to be maintained by neighborhood volunteers. We’ve also established a Yard of the Month program to encourage beautification and community pride in our neighborhood. We purchased the pet waste stations around Bayles Elementary for our dog walkers, and we purchase the disposable bags for the waste stations.

CANA and Bayles Elementary
CANA has supported Bayles Elementary School since 1992. We provide annual donations for uniforms to ensure that the Bayles school clothes closet is supplied for needy students. We have hosted faculty breakfasts and a holiday dinner, as well as Health and Safety Fairs and Bike Safety programs at Bayles. For the past several years, CANA has also actively recruited volunteer reading tutors for the Reading Partners program at Bayles.

CANA held a fundraising/membership campaign in 2021 to raise money for Bayles Elementary students. Thanks to you and your neighbors, we raised $1,500 for school uniforms and other urgent needs. CANA continues to offer financial support and volunteers to Bayles.

Partners with FRI
We work closely with the Ferguson Road Initiative, a grassroots nonprofit dedicated to making Far East Dallas strong and vital, for the improvement for our area. CANA volunteers helped with the tree planting and grand opening of CreekSide/Ash Creek Urban Reserve and the new White Rock Hills Park in November 2021.

Plans for 2022
CANA is working to build our board and committees to further strengthen our neighborhood. We want to keep our neighbors better informed about what’s going on in the neighborhood, including crime updates, information about public works construction on streets and utilities, public safety alerts, and events such as National Night Out, public hearings and community/school meetings at Bayles. We are also helping coordinate and organize activities designed to engage our neighbors, build community, and improve the overall health and quality of our life among our residents and surrounding neighborhoods.

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How to donate

We deeply appreciate any tax-deducible donation you are willing to give.

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    Dallas, TX 75228

The Claremont Addition Neighborhood Association (CANA) is a nonprofit organization as described in section 501 (c) (4) of the Internal Revenue Code. Membership dues and donations are tax-deductible.