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Reading Partners Open House @ Bayles

Claremont Addition Neighborhood Association invites you to Join Reading Partners at Bayles Elementary School for an Open House in the reading center on Friday, January 24, 2020, 11:30am-2:00pm. Together, Bayles and Reading Partners are supporting struggling readers in grades K-3 to master the skills needed to become proficient readers. During the Open House, you will […]

2019 – CANA is OUR Neighborhood Association

Greetings CANA! Fall is upon us, and once again we prepare to join together for National Night Out (NNO) on October 1st at Bayles Elementary.  We are extremely grateful to Principal Gloria Kennedy and the Bayles Staff for accommodating this event on school grounds for a third year.  We would also like to thank 7 […]

Safety Tip: Know your neighbors.

The importance of knowing your neighbors cannot be overstated.  Know whether they work during the day, whether they have children (and, if so, what they look like), and what their needs are. Do you live next to an elderly couple that stays home, but sometimes needs help? Or is there a teenage driver in the […]

Safety Tip: Going out of town? Be Cautious.

Before you leave home for an extended period, talk to your neighbors and arrange for someone to mow your lawn, shovel your walks, or pick up your mail and newspapers. Use timers on your lights, or find a smart security system that will allow you to turn lamps off and on remotely. Make sure someone is […]

Safety Tip: “Blind the House!”

A home media system is a less enticing steal if no one knows it’s there. Leaving your blinds open and lights on at night provides a free look into your house, its layout, and the habits of its occupants.   THEY CAN SEE YOU, BUT YOU CAN’T SEE THEM! And keeping windows open at night or […]

Scammers Calling Citizens and Posing As Dallas Police Officers

The Dallas Police Department is aware that the public is receiving phone calls from suspects who pose as Dallas Police Officers. Suspects accuse the citizen of missing a required court date or jury duty and demand the citizen obtain pre-paid cards and give the card number to the suspect or face immediate arrest. These calls […]

DPD Physical Evidence Section

Did you know you can make a request to have the Physical Evidence Section of the Dallas Police Department come to your to site in the event of a crime?  Although, the officer on the scene may make the request at their discretion, you can ask the officer to make the request on your behalf. […]