CANA congratulates 8208 Stoney Creek Drive for winning Yard of the Month honors for July 2020.

“Gardening has always been an enjoyable hobby thanks to my parents.  I grew up helping them take care of our family home garden, so I learned how much happiness and pride one can feel from working on your own yard.  One of the first projects after buying this house was to beautify the yard. It needed a great deal of TLC due to years of neglect, so it has been a labor of love bringing the yard to its present form.  I’ve gradually added year-round color by finding plants that are either native or are hardy to our geographical zone. One tip to share for roses; to keep them blooming continuously in the summertime, you need to groom them.  This means clipping off the faded flowers.  If you leave them, they will form rose hips and flowering will slow to a crawl. Happy Gardening! :)”

Tiffany, Simon, Geronimo and Laney Belle