Thank you CANA and Be Encouraged.

With the COVID-19 pandemic impacting life in such an unprecedented way, we are facing challenges that would not been imagined just four months ago.  While many of us are enduring as best we can, many of us are struggling just to survive.  The Claremont Addition Neighborhood Association (CANA) understands this on a very personal level.  On behalf of the CANA Board, its leaders, and volunteers, I want to thank you for your continued support even in these times.

I recently announced the kick-off of  CANA’s 2020 Fundraising/Membership Drive, and some of our volunteers have been reaching out to the neighborhood.   Several neighbors have already responded helping get our campaign off to a great start.  However, there may be some that want to contribute but are unable at this time.  We understand.  Know that you can join CANA and make donations at on our website at a later time at any time.  You can also support CANA by sharing our mission with your neighbors or mentioning us on your social media.

I’m proud to say that our leadership team has worked hard to support local causes, provide new resources, and engage with neighbors.  Our new website continues to evolve.  Our campaigns are becoming more organized and effective.  National Night Out has increased in participants and sponsorship each year.  Neighbors have met or exceeded every campaign challenge over the last two years.  We have more active volunteers than we have had in the last three years.  Membership is up and moving in a positive direction.

We’re doing everything we can to enhance our quality of life and create civic pride by creating a safer and more beautiful community – especially now.  But without you, none of it is possible.  These times remind us of just how interconnected we are.  So, we acknowledge you and thank you for being part of our community.

Finally, be encouraged.  Although the future has never felt so unpredictable, continue to encourage one another and build each other up.  May you and your family experience health, recovery, and peace in the days ahead.

Stay safe and well.


Jeffrey L. Bennett, Board President

Claremont Addition Neighborhood Association

CANA Announces Fundraising/Membership Drive to Raise $3,500

CANA is pleased to announce that Memorial Day 2020 is the official “kick-off” date for our Fundraising/Membership Drive Campaign.

 The purpose of this campaign is to engage our neighbors in creating a safer and more beautiful community.

“CANA wants to encourage friends and neighbors to invest in our neighborhood”, said Jeff Bennett (CANA President).  He continued, “we not only want folks to support community projects that enhance our quality of life and create civic pride, but we are also looking for volunteers interested in serving others through one of our committees, like our Crime Watch and Volunteer-In Patrol Committees.”

By becoming a member and supporting our 2020 campaign at the $25, $50, $75, $100 levels (or higher), you will automatically become a CANA member.

This year the CANA Board has committed to raise $3,500 to achieve the following (4) goals:

  • Install a new and more permanent Claremont sign at the corner of Ferguson Road & Claremont Drive–$2000
  • Purchase three Pet Waste Stations on the Bayles campus–$500
  • Purchase school uniforms and supplies for Bayles students –$500
  • Raise funds for general operations and special events, like National Night Out–$500

The CANA Board is demonstrating their support for this campaign by participating 100% and has raised more than $500 in initial funding.  “Our hope is that the Board’s support funds will be a catalyst and call-to-action to encourage the rest of our friends and neighbors to give generously”, said Joyce Smith (CANA Treasurer).

“We are committed to making CANA a great place to live, that’s why I stepped up and became the organization’s Vice-President,” said Maranda Diener.  Debbie Shaw, CANA Secretary, echoed this sentiment, “I joined because I want to make a difference.  This is a beautiful and diverse community and one reason me and my husband have chosen to live here for more than 30 years.”

 If you would like to contribute to the 2020 CANA Campaign, go to .


The CANA Board honors our heroes Memorial Day, supports the Live Local East Dallas campaign, and are “socially distancing.”  Pictured from L to R:  Debbie Shaw (Claremont Dr.), Michael Laurion (El Cerrito Dr.), Vikki Martin (Claremont Dr.), Bryan Giron (El Cerrito Dr.), Maranda Diener (Claremont Dr.), Joyce Smith (Claremont Dr.), & Jeff Bennett (Hunnicut Rd.)  Not pictured:  Martha Quigley (Stonycreek Dr.), & Julia Woods (Claremont Dr.)

Reading Partners Open House @ Bayles

Claremont Addition Neighborhood Association invites you to Join Reading Partners at Bayles Elementary School for an Open House in the reading center on Friday, January 24, 2020, 11:30am-2:00pm.

Together, Bayles and Reading Partners are supporting struggling readers in grades K-3 to master the skills needed to become proficient readers.

During the Open House, you will learn more about the Reading Partners program at Bayles, meet the staff, and complete a tutor registration if you are interested in joining the program.

Reading Partners needs 40 more volunteers to support students on their waitlist!

Bayles Elementary School, the first elementary school in the Dallas Independent School District (DISD), was established in 1956. Bayles is dedicated to addressing the needs of all students to ensure academic success.

Reading Partners, a national nonprofit with a region in North Texas, is dedicated to helping children become lifelong readers by empowering communities to provide individualized instruction with measurable results.

We hope you can visit and join the movement to support students at our community school! You can learn more information and register at:

Reading Partners’ Site Open House at Bayles Elementary School

You can learn about this and other upcoming events on our website calendar at:






On behalf of the CANA Board, I would again like to thank everyone who participated in our CANA National Night Out (NNO) donation drive for Bayles Elementary School.


In my initial transmission I failed to give proper acknowledgment to Texas State Representative Eric Johnson for his generous online donation to this campaign.   We are grateful and apologize for the oversight.


Our treasurer has also provided a breakdown of the donations to date.

Received Online Donations: Cash or Online Donations

minus PayPal Fees

Donor 25.00 23.97
Donor 20.00 19.12
Donor 100.00 96.80
Donor 10.00 9.41
Donor 10.00 9.41
Donor 100.00 96.80
Donor 25.00 23.97
Donor 10.00 9.41
Donor 35.00
CANA 250.00
Total 573.89
($250 in uniforms; remainder socks & toiletries)
Bayles 275.00
Balance 4.76

We thank you again for your contribution and hope to see you at our upcoming events!

Stay safe and look out for each other.