On behalf of the CANA Board, I would like to thank everyone who came out to CANA’s National Night Out event yesterday.  We had a great turn out at Bayles Elementary.

We are most grateful to Mrs. Gloria Kennedy and Bayles Elementary School for allowing us to host National Night Out on school grounds and providing tables, chairs, and a portable building for restroom facilities and power.

I would like to give thanks to Councilman Kevin Felder and his staff, The Dallas Fire Department, and The Dallas Police Department for taking time to visit us.  Mr. Felder’s office provided water and the large NNO sign for the event.  Our neighborhood received great support from our public officials and servants.  We are most grateful for your service and willingness to attend.

Special thanks also to Nate Corley and the FemPyre Troupe for entertaining the children and parents with mock fire and ribbon dancing.  The kids had a great time dancing with and learning from the team.  Parents expressed their appreciation to me many times, as your efforts allowed them to interact with and be adults – not just parents.   You were a hit!  Thank you much for participating.

Finally, I would like thank everyone who provided food, utensils, or a helping hand – everyone that supported this effort.  It would not have been a success without you.  We really appreciate your willingness to serve as volunteers and strengthen the neighborhood.  Anyone who took pictures that they are willing to share, please email them to me for an NNO scrapbook.

Thank you all!

Jeffrey L. Bennett, CANA Board President