Safety Tip: Going out of town? Be Cautious.

Before you leave home for an extended period, talk to your neighbors and arrange for someone to mow your lawn, shovel your walks, or pick up your mail and newspapers. Use timers on your lights, or find a smart security system that will allow you to turn lamps off and on remotely.

Make sure someone is able to inform you if something happens while you’re away.

When leaving your home, don’t broadcast your leaving by showcasing luggage and packing efforts to the street.  No one should be able to tell you could be gone for a few days.  But if you have no other choice, WATCH WHO’S WATCHING YOU!

If you have any questions regarding the above, please CANA CrimeWatch.  If you have incidents to report, call 911.   Make sure you contact the police.

Please tell your neighbors.  Stay safe and look out for each other.