Safety Tip: Know your neighbors.

The importance of knowing your neighbors cannot be overstated.  Know whether they work during the day, whether they have children (and, if so, what they look like), and what their needs are. Do you live next to an elderly couple that stays home, but sometimes needs help? Or is there a teenage driver in the family? Are there small children you need to look out for? Knowing these things helps you be aware of who is in your neighborhood and what could be suspicious.

Have a enough of a relationship with your neighbors so you will know if they’re gone and something is wrong or unusual happening.  Be able to contact them if you see any out-of-ordinary or suspicious behavior around their home or if you’re gone and would like them to check up on your house.

Come the annual CANA National Night Out event and meet your neighbors on the 1st Tuesday of October. It’s the one time in the year we all get an opportunity to meet each other.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please CANA CrimeWatch.  If you have incidents to report, call 911.   Make sure you contact the police.

Please tell your neighbors.  Stay safe and look out for each other.