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Yard of the Month for May 2024

May’s Yard of the Month goes to 8105 Claremont Dr.

The formal plantings and high contrast color scheme make this home and garden really pop.

Maintaining such a tidy yard is no small feat and this dedicated gardener can often be seen pulling weeds after work still in her scrubs.

She recommends trimming shrubs and groundcover in the spring to encourage new growth.

Yard of the Month for April 2024

Connor and Mallory Hill moved to Claremont in 2017. Their yard includes a stunning mature red oak and a tidy perennial garden. Low maintenance is key when you have to squeeze in yard work while wrangling two young children.

Yard of the Month for September 2023

September yard of the month goes to Tiffany George at 8208 Stoney Creek.
She moved here in 2014 and loves the neighborhood. She loves working in her yard.
The secret to a green yard this summer: lots & lots of water!

Yard of the Month for August 2023

August yard of the month goes to Lula Ross on Cabrera. She has been a resident in our neighborhood for 29 years.

According to Ms. Ross, if you prepare your beds correctly, then maintenance is easier. Hard work at the beginning, then plant, and water.

Her tip is to prepare beds with a mixture of sand, cow manure, and Miracle-Gro. This will help the roots to establish in our clay soil.

Yard of the Month for July 2023

The yard of the month for July is 2311 Greenland Dr. Michelle LaBrie has lived in the neighborhood for 43 years. She has been involved in Claremont for years and was a VIP a patrol person in the past.

She had a great garden tip for us: Her Zinnas are absolutely gorgeous! She takes the dried Zinna flowers, put them in a cardboard box until next season. Then she crushes them and replants.

Yard of the Month for June 2023

This beautiful yard belongs to Tony Henderson & his partner. They are longtime residents of our Claremont Addition.
Their yard is very nice with the focal point of the Agave cactus blooming. They are often called “century plants.” The blooming period generally lasts about 3–4 months. The individual flowers on the stalk will last for about a month, after which they’ll begin to fade and wilt towards the ground. As the mother Agave dies its stocks will topple to the ground propelling thousands of offspring.

Yard of the Month for May 2023

The yard of the month for May belongs to Wendy Timson at 8234 Stoney Creek. She has been in the neighborhood for about 1 or 2 years. Her back yard backs up to the creek and is beautiful as well as her front yard. So nice to have people in Claremont Addition who take pride in their yards!

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2023 Membership Drive Kicks Off

CANA needs your support to continue making positive changes to our neighborhood. If you’re already a member of CANA, thank you! If you haven’t yet joined, membership is only $25 per year per household.

Your $25 supports:

  • Spring litter cleanup in March
  • Crimewatch Community Meeting in April
  • Community partnership with Bayles Elementary
  • Poop-free sidewalks
  • Crime prevention efforts
  • Yard of the month program
  • National Night out block party in October
  • Email community updates

Contributions above $25 are also cheerfully accepted!

Regardless of whether you own or rent, you are a member of this community and you are welcome.

We also welcome your ideas and energy as a volunteer. Many hands make light work. Help us make our little neighborhood one of the best in Dallas!

Upcoming events:

  • Saturday, March 4 – Operation Beautification Litter Cleanup
  • Saturday, April 1 – Neighborhood Wine Walk
  • Monday, April 10 – CrimeWatch Meeting
  • Saturday, April 29 – Grand Opening of the Trinity Forest Spine Trail
  • Saturday, October 7 – National Night Out/CANA Block Party

For details:

Happy Holidays!

The holidays are here! It’s time for us to light up our homes for this glorious season! Aside from just making our little neighborhood pretty, it’s important that we provide enough residential illumination to allow Santa to safely land his sled on Christmas Eve! We need to all do our part to help the big guy, right? His overworked reindeer will thank us too.

So, let’s make our neighborhood twinkle bright with lights! Several of our resident elves will be roaming our streets in the twilight hours in the next couple of weeks snapping photos of homes with festive lights and decorations. We’ll post these online with the name of the street they’re on (no names or street numbers to protect privacy). That way you can take your own “Claremont Lights” tour by car, bike, foot, golf cart or horse-drawn sleigh and celebrate the season in our very own Claremont Christmas Village!

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