Neighborhood News

Yard of the Month for July 2022

Yard of the month for July! It goes to Ms. Ross at 8337 Cabrera Dr. Thank you for making our neighborhood nicer!

Check Out the New Benches at Bayles

Hello Claremont neighbors!

I hope you have seen the 2 new benches around the school. The design is fantastic. Thank you, Bayles, and especially Coy Frazier with DISD for facilitating this for CANA! Also, thanks to Joe for the install of the benches. We appreciate the great job he did working with the community and school on this installation.

Dog walkers can take a break, neighbors can come and sit for a while or you can just read a book. Probably, not until it is a little cooler than 100 degrees though. I myself sat for a minute with my new puppy “Hanna.” Rob Brown let his dog “Joey” take a little break while walking.

Thank you to all who support the Claremont Neighborhood Addition! If you are not a member, we encourage you to support the community you have invested in. Just go to our “JOIN” page. Have a great day!

Yard of the Month for June 2022

The yard of the month for June belongs to a lovely couple, Barbara and John Davis at 8022 Claremont.

Click any of the images to see them larger.

Yard of the Month for May 2022

The yard of the month for May is Larry and Jeana Streeter at 2470 El Cerrito Dr. They have lived in the Claremont Addition for decades. They have been great supporters and volunteers for Claremont Addition.

Beautifully well planted yard!

Support Your Local Library

The White Rock Hills Branch of the Dallas Public Library will celebrate its 10th anniversary on June 16, 2022. You are invited to become a White Rock Hills Library Friend (WRHLF) and help plan the upcoming celebration. Click here to download the WRHLF membership brochure. You can drop it off at the library or mail it to WRHLF care of the White Rock Hills Branch Library (address is on brochure). WRHLF will have its next meeting May 4, 2022, at 6pm on Zoom (online) to cover:

  • Changes to bylaws
  • Election of officers for the remainder of 2022
  • Plans for the 10 th Anniversary celebration.

WRHLF had been on pause while the library system was closed and during limited operations in 2021/2022. As a WRHLF member, you can help the library thrive again as it returns to full operation.

Questions? Please contact:
White Rock Hills Library President John VanBuskirk
(469) 939-7653

Operation Beautification Litter Cleanup at Bayles Elementary

Operation Beautification–A Success! A BIG shout out to everyone from the Claremont Addition Neighborhood Association who joined efforts to make our community a more beautiful place to live during the Ferguson Road Initiative Operation Beautification Litter Cleanup Event. Thank you Bayles Elementary School Bobcats, students, staff and faculty for cleaning your campus–inside and out! Thank you to Bryan Giron and Michael Laurion for tackling the trash mess on Graycliff from Ferguson Road to Stonycreek. Harry Swanson on Claremont Drive helped pick up trash and Debbie Shaw volunteered at the staging area at Impact at Bethel on Ferguson Road.

Thank you to Martha Quigley who ensured all volunteers received their supply kits and to Rob Brown for helping to set up the tents. I’m sure I am forgetting someone else who volunteered from CANA. If you helped today, and I left your name off this list, feel free to reach out and let me know that you helped and what areas you cleaned up. We really worked hard to remove illegal signage and we targeted area parks. Despite the early wind and light rain, we persevered! If you live in the Claremont and love this area as much as these volunteers do, I encourage you to become a member of CANA and support us at Many hands make light work!